The Year-Round coffees lay at the heart of Black&White. These coffees are simple expressions of more complex coffees that are further up the road. 

The Year-Rounds offer many possibilities:

  • For the curious coffee drinker who wants to learn more about specialty coffee.
  • For the coffee drinker who just wants a no-frills, delicious cup of coffee. 
  • For the coffee drinker who wants a decaf coffee to be just as good as the regular coffee offerings. 
  • For the coffee drinker who wants a sense of comfort from their morning cup of coffee. 

We hope that you enjoy these coffees as much as we do and you allow them to pique your interest into what coffee can become. These offerings are the true embodiment of our mantra: Exceptional coffee, kept simple.

Here is a brief introduction to our Year Round coffees. 


The Natural is the firstborn in the B&W coffee family, with its origins going all the way back to the first cafe that we opened. For many in the coffee industry, a natural process coffee was their first step into consuming specialty coffee. It is a great place to start if you want to explore more fruit-forward coffees. The Natural as a product will vary in its components throughout the year. This variation is how we embrace and celebrate the seasonal availability of naturally processed coffees.

In "The Natural" category you will see flavors such as red fruits like raspberries, cherries and various dark berries, chocolates, and acidity ranging from balanced to vibrant.




As the second coffee to come from B&W, this Year-Round focuses on the nostalgia and comfort that coffee can offer. The inspiration behind the Classic is the breakfast-style coffee that you grew up with. It is a coffee that can remind you of cozy memories, and it pairs excellently with cream and sugar.

In "The Classic" category you will see flavors such as caramelized sugars, subtle stone fruits, milk chocolate, and balanced acidity. 



The Original is a tip of the hat to the origins of coffee, tracing back to Ethiopia. It is our expression of appreciation for cafe arabica. This Year-Round is a lighter roast than all the others, which compliment the delicacy of the coffee.

In "The Original" category you will see flavors such as delicate florals, citrus, balanced - light acidity, and a tea like body.



This Year-Round comes from a desire to feature coffees from light to dark roasts, to ensure that everyone can find a coffee to their liking. This coffee is the darkest roast that we offer at B&W. If you typically find yourself going for a dark roast coffee at the grocery store, we invite you to taste our expression of this familiar concept in The Traditional.

In "The Traditional" category you will see flavors such as delicate dark chocolate, deep cherries, and nutty sweet marzipan.


The Future is a revolving door of anaerobic coffees. Inspiration for The Future came from the World Barista Championships of 2015, where each winning presentation featured an anaerobic processed coffee. We see the World Barista Championship as a guiding light into the future of coffee and where the industry as a whole is headed. This product draws from that innovation as we want to offer a first step into the waters of anaerobic coffees.

In "The Future" category you will see very fruit forward flavors, vibrant acidity, tropical citrus, punchy fruits, and flavor profiles similar to natural wines.


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July 20, 2022 — Jennifer Hall