Bernard Havugintore

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This is the second year for us working directly with Baho Coffee with help from Sundog Trading, and this year we took a slightly different route. There were fewer naturals available this year but we did find two very interesting coffees to offer.  The first is a single producer Anaerobic Washed produced by Bernard Havugintore. This Coffee presents as a low to medium impact anaerobic with none of those funky flavors, but tons of clean acidity especially as it cools. This coffee will be a hit for anyone working their way into African coffees as well as everyone who is patiently waiting for all the fresh crop Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees.

Emmanuel Rusatira of Baho Coffee in Rwanda, owns the local washing station of Bugoyi where many of his community and neighbors bring their coffee for processing. This year, Emmanuel specifically sought to separate out farmers who do "coffee farming as a business and show full commitment to their work." This included the lot from Bernard Havugintore. It is no easy feat to keep small lots like this separate throughout the entire process of cherry collection, fermentation, drying, storage, milling and export.  Emmanuel sought to keep these lots separate in order to motivate the producers to keep pursuing quality in their coffee business. 

In fact, Baho Coffee (Emmanuel Rusatira) has adopted a two tiered pricing structure for the coffee they receive from their producing partners. This helps producers like Bernard Havugintore receive better prices for the coffee they are producing. The first tier was set up by the Rwandan National Agricultural Export board to make sure that Rwandan farmers received a base level "fair" price for their coffee. However in their efforts to protect Rwandan Coffee Growers, they also in directly created a cap on what the farmers could make hurting the price margins for the specialty coffee industry of Rwanda. This is where exporters like Emmanuel from Baho Coffee comes in, offering a second payment to these farmers with exceptional coffee. 

Region: Kigeyo Sector, Rutsiro District, Rwanda

Producer: Bernard Havugintore

Washing Station: Bugoyi | Baho Coffee 

Process: Experimental Washed

Variety: Red Bourbon

Altitude: 1500 - 1900  MASL

Note: We roast and ship Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

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