Daya Bensa - Anaerobic Honey

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Ethiopian coffees play a huge part in the flavor profile of Black & White. My (Kyle) "ah ha" coffee was a washed Yirgacheffe many moons ago.  So, when my long time friend Steve Holt approached me about the Unravel Coffee Project I was all ears. Steve was a part of another "High Scoring Coffee" project a few years back and through his connections in Ethiopia he is helping to bring this coffee and many other experimental and high quality Ethiopian coffees to the American Market.  

On the ground in Ethiopia is Ashenafi Argaw (Ardent Coffee Exporters) controlling processing and experimentation. Ashenafi has made a name for himself over the years for his inventive and often intensely delicious flavor profile generation.

We are so happy to be able to offer this Anaerobic Honey Process coffee from Ashenafi. I (Kyle) would classify this a "low impact Anaerobic" meaning that most of the flavor transmitted is from the variety. There is some amazing sweetness and acidity that I believe come from the process, along with a creamy tactile.  

I haven't tasted many honeys from Ethiopia, until Unravel Zero Anaerobic coffees, We are very excited for what the future can bring. 

Process: Anaerobic Honey

Altitude: 1900 - 2100 masl

Note: We roast and ship on Tuesdays and Fridays

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