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We are thrilled to welcome back an old friend to our single origin menu this summer! Thanks to our longstanding partnership with Atlantic Specialty Coffee and its sister company, Kawacom, we have had the privilege of tasting and buying coffee from the Gamatui Community in Uganda for the past four years. Our relationship with Gamatui is a special one, and this year we were able to collaborate with them to bring you three separate offerings from their farms: a washed coffee, a natural, and an anaerobic natural (which was processed specifically for us!)

Each of the three Gamatui offerings on our menu were processed at the Sipi Falls Washing Station, which is operated by Kawacom. Local farmers from throughout the Gamatui community bring their freshly harvested cherries to Sipi Falls, which manages the washing, drying, and milling processes all together. This cuts down on labor for the farmers and also increases the quality and value of each lot, ultimately resulting in better price outcomes for the farmers of Gamatui.

This lovely washed coffee is a new addition to our menu (while the natural and anaerobic natural offerings are return guests). It's a super sweet, easy-going coffee, with notes of red apple, candied orange, and nougat. It does have a bit of an acid profile, but certainly nothing overpowering. With subtle fruit vibes and a sweetness reminiscent of brown sugar, this coffee is an easy drinker that is sure to become a crowd favorite this summer!

Producer | Gamatui Community, Sipi Falls Washing Station

Region | Kapchorwa, Mt. Elgon, Uganda

Process | Washed

Variety | SL varities

Elevation | 1600-1900 masl

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