Genji Challa Lot 11

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Coffees from Ethiopia hold a special place in the hearts of most coffee professionals, and coffee enthusiasts alike. The true birthplace of Coffea Arabica (the coffee species we drink, mostly) It is amazing how many different flavor profiles exist in this relatively small country. This is due to the immense bio diversity even within the Coffea Arabica species that is present in Ethiopia.

Genji Challa is the sister station to the famed Nano Challa Station, that changed many peoples minds as to the quality that is possible in the Western Part of Ethiopia called Agaro. It was long believed that specialty level coffee was not possible in this part of the country due to the scarcity of water which is used in the fermentation and cleaning aspects of higher end Ethiopian coffees. However, with the advent of a device called an Ecopulper the need for massive amounts of water was eliminated and now through some inventive production techniques Agaro, and more broadly Kata Maduga and their many washing stations have become a favorite of Specialty Coffee people around the globe.

Genji Challa Lot 11 is beautifully distinct and complex. It has flavors that really only exist in the western part of Ethiopia. Rather and Lemon, and Floral like many of the coffees you are familiar with in Ethiopia, this lot presents with Bright Lime, Dried tropical fruits, White Peach, and a subtle Cola note). 

Region: Agaro, Ethiopia

Process: Washed

Altitude: 2000  MASL

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