Gesha Village - Anaerobic Natural

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2020 didn't go exactly as planned. Same is true with this coffee. Adam Overton of Gesha Village sent us 25 of his highest scoring coffee lots, and quite a few of his Anaerobic experiments to pick a coffee for our dear friend Winston Douglas of South Africa to use at the WBC that was to be held in Australia. However, when COVID hit, the competitions were delayed. 

Thankfully we had this coffee Vac Sealed and it has been waiting til now and this coffee is like no other. We feel that this Anaerobic Gesha 1931 Variety was Gesha Villages best coffee of 2020.  

Intense white flowers, and vibrant bergamot lead into a fresh strawberry. Think ripe strawberries from the farmers market, not dried or jammy around an intensely sweet and complex cup.  

This Gesha 1931 Variety was discovered from the Gesha Forest, which is where the original Gesha that has made its way to fame all around the world was found.  This coffee tastes the most like the famous Panama Gesha that we have all been blown away by and cherish. 

We bought enough to support Winston throughout practice and competition so this lot is a bit larger than we would normally showcase for black labels. Since it is a bit larger we have offered it to you all at a lower price, after all we roast coffee for people to drink.

Enjoy, Cherish, Reflect, 

Origin:  Gori Gesha Forest, Gesha, Ethiopia

Farm: Gesha Village Coffee Estate | OMA Lot 95

Process: Anaerobic Natural 

Variety: 100% Gesha 1931

Altitude: 2100

Note: We roast and ship Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

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