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 Burundi has all the things Green Coffee Buyers look for in a producing origin.  Amazing Bourbon Varieties, great elevation that leads to sweeter coffees, and a devotion to clean and clear processing. Burundi this year also arrived quite early, which is exciting because often Feb/March can be a bit of a slow time for interesting and complex coffees. We were drawn to this beautiful coffee on the cupping table among many other origins and processes for its clean fruit flavors, and amazing sweetness. Burundi as a whole tends to produce Naturally processed coffees that are on the cleaner side, similar to Ethiopia rather than to big boozy blue berry notes look for cleaner grape, black berry, and floral notes with great sweetness. This coffee comes to us through Atlantic Specialty, along with many of our African coffees this year.

The Gisha Washing Station supports the Tangara Commune located in Ngozi Province, Buyenzi region of north Burundi. The community hosts 1748 Farmers picking coffee from March thorough to July and processing on 253 drying tables. They have built two soaking tanks, five flotation tanks and twelve fermentation tanks for their washed lots. The Gisha Washing station is just big enough to process 12 tons per season; After precleaning, the cherry or parchment is dried on raised African Beds.

Variety: Bourbon, Mbirizi, Jackson

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1650 masl


Note: We roast and ship on Tuesdays and Fridays

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