Happy Birthday - Pink Bourbon

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Five years. Half a decade. A whole hand!

Somehow, it simultaneously feels like a lifetime ago that we opened our doors as Black & White, and also like these last five years have gone by in the blink of an eye. We've seen four world barista championships, weathered a global pandemic, and grown from one small roaster tucked into the back of a leased café space to three-going-on-four café locations and a dedicated roastery space with ample room to roast, teach, and roam.

But, what is far more impressive than the growth of our real estate is the growth of our PEOPLE. We wouldn't be the company we are today without the service of the incomparable baristas, production staff, roasters, managers, media gurus, and salesmen who've nestled their way into the Black & White family at any point over the last five years. We have watched so many of our employees grow from baristas to competitors, from singles to families, from part-time café staff to general managers, and more. We are humbled by their commitment to 
excellence, and we've spent the past year trying to express our appreciation for them in tangible and meaningful ways. Black & White has taken huge strides this year to become a company that is not only a fun place to work, but also a sustainable one - and we couldn't extend those measures to our people without the loyal and consistent support of our incomparable community (that's you guys!). So, it seems we owe you a big THANK YOU, too.

Each year in September, we curate a very special birthday blend to celebrate the year we've had and to say thanks for being such a huge part of it. Consider this bag a love letter to you, our patrons and our cheerleaders. This year, we decided to showcase a coffee variety that we really love: Pink Bourbon. We chose three lots from two different producers, Sebastian Gomez and Wilder Lasso. Both of these gentlemen are championing innovative and meticulous processing methods in Colombia, and you can find them elsewhere on our current menu offering if you'd like to see and taste more of what they're doing. As for the blend itself, each of the three lots are the same coffee variety (Pink Bourbon) and have the same country of origin (Colombia), sooooo... how different can they be?

The answer, in short, is: very. Each of the three lots we have chosen showcases a unique processing method and highlights its effects on the coffee in your morning cup. 
Sebastian Gomez - CM Washed brings vibrant acidity, intense clarity, and a lemonade-like juiciness to the blend. Sebastian Gomez - Cold Natural has a very low fermentation impact and brings all the big tropical flavors to the party. Finally, Wilder Lasso - Double Anaerobic Natural brings the funk - its high fermentation impact results in a profile that is wild(er), fruity, and definitely funky.

We took these three coffees - each a stunner in its own right - and blended them with a 40-40-20 ratio, respectively. The result is a coffee which has notes of lemonade, mango, and raspberry candy. It's vibrant and fun and oh-so-fruity, and we think it highlights both the processing methods used in each lot and the flavor profile of the Pink Bourbon variety beautifully. The whole tasting experience reminds us of a raspberry lemonade slushy - which seems like the perfect drink with which to round out summer and say, "Cheers!" to our birthday month - and to all of you.

Components |  Sebastian Gomez CM Washed | Sebastian Gomez Cold Natural | Wilder Lasso Double Anaerobic Natural

Process | Carbonic Macerated Washed | Cold Natural | Double Anaerobic Natural

Elevation | 1800 - 1890 masl

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