Luis Gonzalez - Pink Bourbon

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Just as COVID was starting to kick into high gear we got the option to take on some coffees that were rejected by other companies because of the slowed sales due to COVID. Luis's Pink Bourbon was a larger lot than we typically purchase, but since we were able to take it all, we were able to offer it at a price point that is more approachable than the majority of our Pink Bourbon offerings. We hope you find Luis's coffee as special as we do.

Pink Bourbon was given out and propagated mostly in Huila, and it seems to love these dramatic growing conditions.  It is called Bourbon Rosado in Spanish, and we at Black & White can't get enough.

This beautiful variety was believed to be a Bourbon type because of its cherry shape. The term "Rosado"(Pink) comes from the color at which the cherries ripen. In reality the color is light reddish orange but the Cherries do look very different from Orange Bourbon.

The latest work in genetic study shows that Pink Bourbon actually has heritage in Ethiopia, as one of the thousands of varieties that exist there, some natural and some cultivated. This seems to explain Pink Bourbon coffees pronounced floridity, and crisp clean citric like acidity, like an Ethiopian Coffee. The heavy sweetness and cherry notes come from the soil, and agricultural practices of the area in which it is grown.

Farm:  La Esmeralda

Producers: Luis Gonzalez

Variety: Pink Bourbon

PROCESS: Anaerobic Washed

ELEVATION: 1400 masl

Note: We roast and ship Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

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