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Luis Reinoso reserves most of the coffee grown on his 4-hectare farm in the remote valley of Herrara in Tolima, Colombia, for our friends at Madcap Coffee in Grand Rapids. But, they were kind enough to let us snag a few bags this season to share with all of you - and man, did we get a good one! 

Basically, there are two main flavor profiles we tend to associate with washed Colombian coffees: first, there are the big, dense, chocolate-y ones that everyone knows and loves. They remind us of things like baked goods and chocolate-covered cherries. These are fairly easy to find and wildly popular, and we typically showcase them as green-label coffees. But, there is another profile which is harder to find and very different in character - these such coffees are clean, crisp, and juicy, with a vibrant acidity and refreshing sweetness. Coffees with this profile tend to grow at higher elevations and likely to be a Gesha or Pink Bourbon variety. But sometimes, as is the case with this stunning lot from the Reinoso's farm, it's just a beautiful Caturra.

This coffee hits all of the high notes in that second flavor profile described above: it's clean and crisp, fruity and acidic, juicy and sweet. We tasted notes of lemon, macintosh apple, and Fig Newtons. Sipping this coffee reminds us of enjoying a chilled white wine, except, you know... during work hours and such.

Producers | Luis & Yenni Reinoso

Process | Washed

Variety | Caturra

Elevation | 1700-1800 masl

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