Benjamin De Dianous - Dynamic Cherry

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A second generation coffee producer, Benjamin De Dianous has owned Finca Fatima, his 24-hectare farm in Boquete, since - wait for it - 1964! In the early days, he cultivated various vegetables on that land, and it wasn't until returning to the farm in 1992 after several years in the capital that he decided to take up his father's work and started cultivating coffee. Today, Benjamin has teamed up with our dear friends at Creativa Coffee District (CCD) to produce this really fun, really fruity expression of anaerobic fermentation.

Known for their excellence in processing, CCD endeavors to "spark collaboration in the coffee industry and beyond," and we have been the giddy recipients of many of those collaborations since they began working in Panama in 2018. Each lot of ripe cherries arriving at their mill is assigned to one of four carefully constructed fermentation designs, each with varying levels of fermentation impact. If you've sampled anything from CCD before, you might be aware of their love for anaerobic fermentation and their subsequent ability to produce some big, boozy, wild flavor profiles in a given micro or nano lot.

Processing: We consider this lot to be a good expression of what middle-of-the-road fermentation impact looks like for a CCD coffee. These cherries underwent a fermentation strategy called Dynamic Cherry. In this process, the cherries were spread out on a warm patio for two days prior to undergoing fermentation. This step reduces the moisture content in the bean so that there is not enough water available to promote bacteriological reactions outside of the bean, but there IS enough to aid enzymatic ones within it. The purpose of all of this is to decrease the risk of fungal development in those early days, and it also serves to prolong the fermentation process considerably. This particular lot underwent anaerobic fermentation in plastic bags for 96 hours - though some batches have taken as long as three weeks! 

In the cup: This coffee is delightfully fruity - think blue raz candy and black grapes. It's not boozy, but it is wine-y. And, although we wouldn't say it has dark chocolate characteristics, this coffee definitely gives us Cosmic Brownie vibes! The drinking experience reminds us of sipping a fruit-forward red wine with a chocolatey finish, like Malbec. Cheers.

Producer | Benjamin De Dianous

Farm | Finca Fatima

Process | Dynamic Cherry

Variety | Caturra, Red & Yellow Catuai, Pacamara, Obata 

Elevation | 1400 masl

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