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At this point, it might not be a stretch to call us José Martinez fans. In addition to gracing our menu numerous times over the years, José's coffees are consistently some of our favorites at the cupping table, and we couldn't resist the opportunity to share one more lot from his meticulous hands this year.

Like so many of the producers whose stories we love to learn, José Martinez Guzman grew up on a coffee farm owned by his family. But, as a young adult, José left the farm to work as a bus driver, traveling all over Colombia and drifting farther and farther away from the hills of El Casino. After about a decade, however, José was compelled to return to coffee, and he ended up purchasing El Casino from his parents and building upon the agronomic knowledge and business savvy that had already been imparted on him. Today, José is both renown and revered by the specialty coffee community in his homeland of Colombia. Known for his meticulous execution of processing techniques and his exceptionally high quality standards on the farm, José is quickly becoming a mainstay on our offering menu, and we couldn't be prouder to have him back.

This washed lot is of the Pink Bourbon variety, a somewhat recently discovered variety and one of our personal favorites (not that we have favorites!). Pink Bourbon is thought to be a hybrid of Yellow Bourbon and Red (or maybe Orange?) Bourbon, and it is widely loved for its uniquely delicious flavor profile. This lot in particular tastes like a lovely hybrid between traditional, floral Ethiopian coffees and typical washed Colombian flavor profiles. Though prized, Pink Bourbon lots pose a unique challenge for many producers: it's hard to get the picking right. Due to their characteristic pink-orange color, Pink Bourbon cherries are notoriously difficult to pick at peak ripeness, and only the most skilled pickers and processors get it right on a consistent basis. José, if you haven't figured it out yet, is one of the ones who gets it right.

In the cup: The result is... astonishing. This lot from José Martinez just might be one of our favorite offerings all year. It takes the best of Ethiopian Gesha coffees - that sought-after florality and delicate stone fruit profile - and marries it to a fruit-forward and sweet, washed Colombian coffee profile. In the cup, we perceived citrus, like vibrant lemon, and that delicate stone fruit, like white peaches. The sweetness in this coffee is deep and unrefined, lingering on the palette and reminding us of turbinado sugar. Perhaps the best example of this marriage, though, is in our tasting experience of wildflower honey, where we tasted something both floral and sweet, somehow equally delicate and wild. Like the variety itself, this Pink Bourbon lot from José's farm in Palestina is a true hybrid - and an absolutely delightful tasting experience.

Producer | José Martinez Guzman

Farm | El Casino

Process | washed

Variety | pink bourbon

Elevation | 1800 masl

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