Red Slushie

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Is it slushie? or slushee? slushy??

The name of today's release sparked a lot of spelling debate at HQ this week. It is our second in a series of flavor exploration which will run through the holiday season (a little something to get you through those colder months - you're welcome). In it, we will be highlighting co-fermented coffees and exploring the outer edges of what's possible with flavor, fermentation, and blending. These releases will taste like a whole lot more than just coffee, and they represent something much more than that, too: science, agriculture, art, and innovation each play a unique and critical role in crafting the experience you'll have with each cup. The producers who are championing these innovative new processes all over the coffee-growing world are the sources of our inspiration and the recipients of our profound respect, and you can think of this series as a love letter to them.

Today's release, controversially spelled Red S-L-U-S-H-I-E, is a blend of two uniquely and beautifully processed coffees from Colombia and Costa Rica, respectively. The first component is Elkin Guzman's Strawberry Catiope, which you (hopefully!) had the privilege of enjoying from our menu earlier this Fall. The second is Lica Torres's Black Cherry lot, which is actually being released as a single-origin offering alongside this blend! Separately, these two coffees are unique, complex, and delicious in their own right, and when we blended them together, all we could see is RED.

Strawberry Natural processing: Only coffee cherries which measure above 20 degrees Brix are harvested. They then undergo two rounds of sorting (via flotation and by hand) before being placed in plastic tanks to ferment for 60 hours. After this initial bout of fermentation, a mother culture of microorganisms is added to the tanks. These microorganisms have been fed molasses and strawberries for four days prior to encountering the coffee cherries, which gives them energy for fermentation and contributes flavor to the lot. The coffee is then left to ferment with this strawberry-infused culture for an astonishing 270 hours before being dried on raised beds until it reaches 10.5-11% humidity.

Black Cherry processing: This method is coined by the Torres family and controlled meticulously at the Cerro Buena Vista Wet Mill. As with any "normal" natural processing method, ripe coffee cherries are collected by hand and taken to the mill, where they are placed in propylene bags for about 24 hours before being spread out on raised beds to begin drying. However, once the parchment approaches 15-20% moisture content, the lot is re-collected into plastic bags and placed in storage for about a week, where fermentation continues to occur at a glacial pace. Finally, the cherries are put back out to dry - on concrete beds this time - until the remaining 5-10% humidity points are lost. 

In the cup: As will be the case for every coffee in this series, we created Red Slushie to push the boundaries of what coffee is and what it "should" taste like, and that is the very reason we are so excited to share it with you! This might be the most red fruit-centric coffee we've ever tasted. It is intensely aromatic, remarkably vibrant, and incomparably complex. So complex, in fact, that we sort of had trouble settling on flavor notes - there's so much movement happening from start to finish, we weren't sure where to land. Eventually, we settled on three delightful flavor experiences in their own right: pink Starburst candy, cherry Kool-aid, and red sangria. All things red, and all things delicious! The whole experience reminds us of a boozy red slushie - somehow both playful and complex, and undeniably delightful. Cheers.

Producers | Elkin Guzman | Lica Torres

Process | strawberry natural | black cherry anaerobic natural

Variety | catiope | milenio

Elevation | 1550-1750 masl | 1500 masl

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