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It has been said that William Mora performs "coffee miracles" in his remote corner of the Talamanca mountain range in Costa Rica. William is a fourth generation coffee producer, and he and his eldest daughter, Hellen, oversee the ambitious project that is Agropecuaria Hellen Wet Mill. Known as "the little wet mill that could," the project which bears Hellen's name has been churning out interesting and noteworthy natural lots for the past eight years - and we are so excited to share one such lot with you today!

Processing: The coffee cherries are handpicked at La Chirascuasca and then escorted to the family's wet mill by William himself. Once there, the cherries are floated to remove lower-density beans and then heaped into a large pile on raised beds to begin the drying process. Throughout their time on the raised beds, the cherries alternate between sitting in these thicker layers and heaps, which slows drying, and being spread out in thin, even layers, to speed things up again.

In the cup: With a boisterous dried cherry note and a finish reminiscent of craft chocolate, we couldn't stop thinking about a glass of Merlot while sipping this coffee. It's rich and warm and comforting, just like the wine - and it might be the only thing getting us through these unseasonably cold days at the cusp of Spring.

Producer | William Mora

Wet Mill | Agropecuaria Hellen

Farm | La Chirascuasa

Process | Natural

Variety | Caturra, Catuai

Elevation | 1700-1800 masl

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