Benjamin Paz - Anaerobic Bourbon

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Kyle met Benjamin (Ben-ah-Mean) Paz back in 2015 through our mutual friend Kevin Bohlin of Saint Frank Coffee in SF.  Ben's family runs the San Vicente mill in Honduras and Ben has taken it upon himself to help roasters buy high grown, single producer, often single variety lots from one of my personal growing areas in the world Santa Barbara Honduras.

We have worked with Benjamin to purchase Edgar Erazo's coffee for the last 3 seasons, but this year Benjamin has something special in store for us. He had produced 2 bags of an Anaerobic Natural Bourbon and wanted to know if we would be interested.

Of course we would be interested in any coffee that Benjamin had produced himself, and specifically a Natural from a region that doesn't produce naturals which was very intriguing. When we received the sample and cupped it we were blown away. 

This coffee shows what is possible with a little ingenuity. This Medium impact anaerobic natural was processed for 48hrs held in grain pro before being put out on raised drying beds to dry for 25+ days.  This processing yields a vibrant fruit forward experience, with lots of red and orange fruits, and a complex and vibrant acidity. All with a round and full body, and a long fruity finish that reminds me of sangria. 

Next seasons lot is already in the works.


Producer: Benjamin Paz

Farm: La Leona

Variety: Bourbon

PROCESS: Anaerobic natural

ELEVATION: 1580 - 1650 masl


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