Carlos Montero - Double Washed

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2020 has proven to be quite a journey! Costa Rica is not an origin that we have worked closely with historically, but 2020 has seen a change in that and this coffee represents the first steps in that journey.  

Carlos Montero's coffee stunned us as a friend was trying to find a home for a coffee that one of his customers backed out of due to the pandemic (this has happened quite a bit this year). We loved the Double Washed and took all 10 bags of this beautiful lot, not exactly knowing a ton about where it came from.  Little did we know but a friend of ours, Perry, was deeply involved with this coffee, as it is his father in laws coffee. Quickly, we put this together and learned how special this coffee was for Carlos, and we became even more excited to work with Selva Coffee.

This coffee is truly the best washed traditional variety Costa Rican coffee that we have ever tasted.  Big Ethiopia like citrus, backed by a confectionary pineapple not, which reminded us of pineapple upside down cake, with this rich plummy note on the finish.  This coffee is complex, but approachable, which we have noticed over and over again in Costa Rica. We are happy to say there are plans to continue forward with Selva and hopefully Carlos Montero in particular.

This coffee is dry fermented overnight in tanks, then pulped and fermented under water for 30 hours to remove the mucilage, than put into fresh water again for another 12 hours. Hence the double washed.  Clean, sweet, complex and fruity, this coffee is a stunner.

Carlos comes from a long line of farmers and has grown up in the fields. His father managed a farm and his grandparents worked coffee plantations. As a young man he saw the struggles of his family coffee farming and did not want to experience the same struggles. It was not until later in life that he returned home with a new vision to continue his family’s tradition but on his own terms. He bought his first farm upon his return and today, Carlos is a visionary leader in the specialty coffee movement in Tarrazu, Costa Rica. 

The tradition continue with Carlos’s son, Jacob who does all the processing of their coffee. The coffee is brought from the farm to the receiving tank and leaves the cherries overnight resting for approximately 12 hours, then the cherries are pulped as a honey process. After this, Jacob leave the cherries in a fermentation tank for 30 hours with water and then washes the coffees several times until the mucilage is removed. Finally he leaves the coffee another 12 hours in water before drying them on raised beds. 

Producers: Carlos Montero

Variety: Catuai

Process: Double Washed

ELEVATION: 1800 - 1900 masl

Note: We roast and ship Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

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