Daya Bensa - Carbonic Natural

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We are so excited to release Anthony Ragler, and Tyler Montague's competition coffee from USBC 2020. They used this coffee to take 6th and 20th respectively. This coffee represents so many things to us, innovation at the birthplace of coffee, empowering African producers, sharing knowledge, and a brighter future for coffee and coffee producing communities. 

This coffee comes to us from Unravel Coffee, a partnership between Steve Holt, and Ashenafi Agraw. Steve and Ashenafi worked together in a previous project with amazing results and have decided to double down on the potential of Ethiopian coffee and coffee producers. Taking fermentation knowledge from the wine making process they have created some amazing flavor profiles

For complex flavor development the fermentation temperature was set at temperatures between 10-12°C for 90 hours. This allows a specific bacteria called Lactobacillas to thrive and create amazing tropical flavors. Stainless steel containers are used for a clean and consistent taste profile. We inject carbon dioxide, which is a crucial step. With CO2 we slow down the breaking down of sugars from the mucilage dramatically, this ensures that no "over fermentation" flavors are in the finish cup.

This display attention to detail is groundbreaking, and we are so happy to share this special coffee with you.


Process: Carbonic Maceration | Natural

Altitude: 1900 - 2100 masl 

Note: We roast and ship on Tuesdays and Fridays

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