Don Carlos - Natural

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Over the last three years we haven't bought, or sought out very many Costa Rican coffee, for a number or reasons. They tend to be quite high cost, and when comparing them to coffees from Africa that are available around the same time, it was a difficult cost benefit analysis.  However, this year we were really intrigued at how different the natural coffees from Costa Rica, so we made a space on the menu to share this beautiful coffee with you all.

This coffee comes from Finca El Alto, from producer Don Carlos Alberto Garbanzo his family the Monge Falas Family.  El Alto, has been in the family for 3 generations.  This amazing heritage, is coupled with an amazing microclimate and amazing elevation. All of this comes together to give a distinctly bright and fruity cup profile, with aromas of grape, blueberry, and stonefruits, with an vibrant juicy acidity and a round and syrupy body.  We are certain you will enjoy this beautiful offering.

FARM:  Finca El Alto

Producer: Don Carlos

Variety: Caturra and Catuai

PROCESS: Natural

ELEVATION: 1,800 masl

Note: We roast and ship Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

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