Don Lito - White Honey

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 You might have noticed that in 2020 more and more of your favorite roasters are showcasing Costa Rica more than you might be accustomed to. If you did, than great work, but if not lets chat a bit about how Costa Rica in particular does Specialty Coffee Trading.  

To be transparent I didn't know this was the case until this year, but Costa Rica relies very heavily on tourist travel. This makes sense, as so many of my friends have gone there for Honeymoons, or anniversary travel. I didn't realize that they also rely quite heavily on coffee buyer travel. Most of the great coffees of Costa Rica are bought on site by coffee buyers who travel to this beautiful place for "Work."  

With 2020 being the challenging year that it is for travel, most of these buyers were not able to make their yearly trip to purchase coffee, and with the global specialty market in a bit of a slump, many just could not buy as much coffee as before.  This has left Costa Rica with much more supply that is not accounted for than previous years.

This coffee in particular came to us through Caravela Coffee in Chapel Hill NC, they work heavily in Colombia, but an opportunity came up for them to take a shot at some Costa Rican Microlots, and an opportunity to help out and move some coffee.  We landed on this White Honey Single Producer lot from Tarrazu. We haven't met Don Lito, but his coffee stood out to us among the samples we were offered 

This coffee is marked by big sweetness and and amazing texture, with just enough sparkly acidity, and fruit character to keep it interesting.  This is a great middle ground coffee, easy to drink while having enough complexity to keep you coming back to it as it cools.



Producer: Don Lito

Variety: Red Catuai

Process: White Honey Washed

Elevation: 1600 masl

Note: We roast and ship Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

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