Robert Pillimue

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We have worked on an off with the Martir Group in La Plata, Huila for the last two and half years, and we even had a chance to visit them back in 2019 along with Kyle from Osito Coffee. Kyle of Osito has been the facilitator of this relationship and works closely with the members of this group. We are so excited to have another spectacular producer from this coffee group.

Robert is not a common name in Colombia, however Roberto is quite popular. Interestingly He goes by Robert, and you pronounce his last name as Pee-yee-mway.  We were told by Kyle Bellinger (Osito Coffee) that those who are indigenous to Cauca have names that are in this similar style. We have never run across a name quite like his.  

Robert also is the only member of the Martir Group who is from Cauca which is another Department (State) in Colombia. His is just across the line but cooperates with the Martir Group based in Huila.  Also, his coffees are very rarely blended into the main lot that we sell as Martir as they regularly score high enough to separate as a single producer micro lot.

We enjoy this coffee for it notes of Hibiscus, toffee, and plum like fruitiness. These notes are not common in Colombian coffees but are present in this coffee adding to a complex aroma and densely sweet body. We are so happy to continue to work with the talented producers of Martir and showcase interesting and dynamic coffees from Colombia with the help of Osito.

Producers: Edin Robert Pillimue Ivito

Farm: La Reforma

Process: washed

Variety: Colombia | Castillo

Altitude: 1750 masl

Note: We roast and ship Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

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