El Eden - Pacamara

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Welcome coffee #3 from our birthday competition. By far the majority texts and comments we received from the birthday competition was about this coffee #3, El Eden Pacamara. 

Lem in particular isn't a huge fan of Pacamaras, but we decided to roast the sample anyway. Much to our surprise it was right there with the Gesha. This coffee was complex and tropical with out being overly savory, like Pacamaras are prone to be. We can't wait for you to have your mind blown with this amazing coffee, truly breaking the mold for what is possible.

We classify this as a High Impact Anaerobic Process coffee. this means that bean color will vary quite a bit even within the same bag. Don't let that scare you, this coffee is absolutely maxed out on flavor, and is an experience you just can't pass up. Don't miss this small 2.5 bag lot. 

So excited to bring back this amazing coffee from the producers of El Eden Estate. This Lot was the best of what we were offered from them this season, and we are excited to share it with you. This years coffee is special because we worked directly with the 2 Brothers that produce this coffee, and pioneered this specific anaerobic style of production.  

The crew at El Vergel continue to innovate and utilize feedback from the specialty coffee industry. We are so excited to see some of our direct feedback given and utilized in this Lot of El Eden. This lot of EL Eden showcases their particular fermentation and drying style, but they have worked with us to showcase more of that beautiful Pacamara Variety as well.  Marked florals, with intense fruit character.  This one is a fruit bomb for sure.

Variety: Pacamara

PROCESS: Anaerobic Natural

ELEVATION: 1,450 masl

Note: We roast and ship Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

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