Finca Nuguo - Full Spectrum

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I am so excited for this release from the Famous Jose Gallardo (Pocho), and the super small team at Nuguo.  

This year we worked directly with Jose himself to negotiate prices for all the lots we were able to show you all. I (Kyle) am a sucker for an amazing blend, and sometimes on the cupping table we will make small blends form the coffees we are tasting in other small cups, letting you see what kind of flavors are possible with different blends. This year we have all three processes from Jose, and when you get the blend just right of washed, natural, and honey magic happens. In this particular blend it is 1/4 Washed 1/4 Honey 1/2 Natural

I also love that with this blend you basically get to taste all the flavors possible at finca nuguo. Tons of flowers and fruit present throughout the experience with a light, vibrant cup, and an amazing sweet clean finish even with the natural component.  

We sent this pre-release blend out to a few of our closest customers and got their feedback on flavor notes. It was amazing to see all the notes that came back, but the fruity character showed through in every evaluation of this beautiful coffee.

Get it while you can, because this limited release blend will not last long.

Origin: Juratungo, Panama

Farm: Finca Nuguo 

Producer: Jose Gallardo

Process: Full Spectrum - Washed, Honey, Natural

Variety: Gesha

Altitude: 1980

Note: We roast and ship Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

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