Gamatui - Hydro Washed

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Our third coffee from the Gamatui Community this year completes what we like to think of as a fermentation impact gradient. This coffee, Gamatui Hydrowashed is the lowest on the scale of fermentation impact, with Gamatui Anaerobic Natural being the highest. We are very thankful to Tim Hill at Atlantic Specialty Coffee (the importer of our Gamatui coffees) for helping these experimental lots come to life. 

A common perceived issue with coffee from Uganda is that washed process coffees tend to underperform on the cupping table. They have sometimes been perceived as plain and lacking vibrancy. This commissioned lot seeks to circumvent any dullness with a unique and very new processing method overseen by the team at Atlantic. 

Hydrowashed coffee may sound a little silly, but it is brilliant in its simplicity and effect. The first step looks exactly like natural processing of coffee. Ripe, whole coffee cherries are evenly spread across raised beds where they are turned frequently and dried in the sun. After 5 days, some sweetness and fruit characteristics have imparted into the coffee seed and the hydro process can begin. The cherries are removed and rehydrated in water tanks before having the skin and cherry fruit removed (a process called pulping), and washed clean. These clean seeds are then returned to the raised beds to finish drying for weeks before being milled and shipped. 

The resulting coffee is somewhat akin to many of our favorite washed Ethiopian coffees while maintaining some beautifully distinct characteristics we love about our Gamatui coffees. This coffee gives off subtle floral scents and clean, lemon-zest citrus. The body is tealike and delicate. Instead of a purple grape candy flavor, there is the bright, juicy flavor of white grapes and honeycrisp apple. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this coffee is the soft, pleasant texture. "Crushable" was the best word used to describe this texture - it just keeps drawing you in for another sip! 

We are so thankful for the love the Gamatui coffee has been shown the past two years. We are able to make commissioned processes like this happen because of the buy-in from the whole coffee supply chain.

Producers: Gamatui Community, Sipi Falls Washing Station

Region: Kapchorwa, Mt. Elgon, Uganda

Process: Hydrowashed

Variety: SL

Elevation: 1900 masl

Note: We roast and ship Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

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