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Gesha Village has always had a special place with us here at Black & White Coffee. We are excited to offer our first 100% direct trade coffee. Gesha Village has impeccable prep, and also harvest a touch later than many, to cap it all off we brought this coffee in vac seal to ensure that we would have amazing and vibrant Ethiopian Coffee during the "dry time of the year" meaning the time between harvests, when we all typically run out of these amazing coffees.

The Gesha Village is a project with a clear and distinct vision to produce the most amazing coffees possible, and have been wildly popular in the competition circuit. It started as a coffee documentary project from Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton, who after gaining permission from the local Meanit Shasha Woreda people to plant wild seeds harvested from the Gori Gesha Forest. The farm is home to more than 30,000 native shade trees and 700,000 coffee trees with half descended from the Gori Gesha forest seeds.

The lot we were able to obtain through last year from our friends at Genuine Origin was the highest scoring coffee we have brought into the Black and White Coffee family. We are excited to offer this amazingly clean and complex natural processed coffee, that we were able to work directly with Adam at Gesha Village to buy direct with help from Trabocca . Kyle and Adam have cultivated a friendship of sharing information and chatting about the possibilities of the speciality coffee market. Both of them share an amazing love for Ethiopian coffee along with the Gesha Variety that they both love so very much. All of this adds to the beautiful complex and juicy cup with notes of orange zest, delicate florals and intense berries and an even velvety sweetness throughout.

FARM: Gesha Village, Gaylee Lot 11

VARIEITY: Gori Gesha Forest, Gesha 1931, Illubabor Forest 1974


ELEVATION: 1,909-2,069 mas

Note: We roast and ship Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

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