Jorge Raul Rivera - Honey Pacamara

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J. Raul Rivera and Kyle met at an SCAA training in California years ago. Kyle had no idea J. Raul Rivera was a coffee producer until about halfway through the class when he, quite humbly, informed us about what he did for a living. Kyle and J. Raul became friends on Facebook, and kept up a bit. A few years later J. Raul Rivera took 3rd place in the El Salvador Cup of Excellence, which is a competition for coffee producers to submit coffee and them be judged by an outside panel of judges.  It is a big deal to place in the top 10. The coffees go up for auction fetching prices up to 150 times the commodity price for coffee. 

Last year Raul, and his Honey Process Pacamara took 1st place overall at COE, and commanded a record $95 a pound for his beautiful coffee. Kyle was lucky enough to get to taste this winning coffee from Jonathan Mendoza the 2018/2019 El Salvadorian Barista Champion in Amsterdam. It was one of the most memorable espressos Kyle has ever been served. Quote Kyle, “It is on my Mount Rushmore of Espresso; floral, super fruity, bright, juicy, clean, but a bit funky too. It was killer.”  When Jonathan told Kyle it was a Honey Process Pacamara from Raul He was blown away.

Pacamara coffees are intensely polarizing, as they are at times savory, even in some places tasting like onion (which some people love). Both Lem and Kyle are not in to the onion pacamara coffees at all, so for this one to be super fruity, and clean with none of those off flavors, they were pumped on it.

This Lot is #31 and another Honey Process Pacamara, which Raul specializes in, from his farm in northern Chalatenango mountains of El Salvador. Not only is his processing on point, but with pretty intense elevation for El Salvador. This coffee along with the natural lot coming later is super bright and fruity. We think you will all love it like Kyle and Lem does.

Farm: Finca Santa Rosa

Variety: Pacamara

Process: Honey

Altitude: 1850 masl

Note: We roast and ship on Tuesdays and Fridays

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