Juan Felipe - Anaerobic Natural

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Situated in the Central mountain range of the Andes, near the Magdalena river sits the towns of this group of small producers who contributed to the unique microlot processed by Juan Felipe. Colombia seems to be the industry leaders when it comes to fermentation and experimental processing, and Juan Felipe fits the mold perfectly. Young, talented, and willing to take some risks. 

This group of producers love big fruity coffees that boarder on the wild. This coffee is exactly that with huge acidity, and intense fruit flavors showcasing all of Juan Felipe's hard work. At his wet mill, Juan Felipe is known as the "alquimist." He personally oversees the processing of all high-quality cherries like this lot. 

Growers will deliver ripe cherries to the mill where they are sorted for quality and washed. From there the cherries are moved to sealed tanks for the maceration (anaerobic fermentation) process. The cherries were left to ferment for 48 hours and then dried on raised beds in solar dryers to ensure even drying. This adds to the complexity of flavor in this coffee and we are so excited to share it with you all.

Producer: Juan Felipe Aristizábal

Region: Villamaria, Chinchina and Manizales in Caldas

Variety: Caturra, Colombia, and Castillo

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Elevation: 1800 - 2100 masl

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