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 Coffee connects people. That could be as simple and apparent as reconnecting with an old friend over a cup of coffee at your favorite café. Or, as is the case with this cup in particular, it could be as unexpected and far-reaching as reconnecting with a barista-turned-green-coffee-sourcer over an incredible Gesha lot from the Risaralda region of Colombia.

We first met Juan Diaz on the coffee competition circuit a few years ago, and he even spent a few nights sleeping on a couch in the back of our old roastery while he trained with Kyle and Lem for USBC that year. Fast forward to 2022, and we found him, not behind the bar as a barista, but beside the farmers and producers in his parents' homeland of Colombia. Through a partnership with CoTrade imports, to whom Juan introduced the producers at Finca La Riviera, we have the great privilege of bringing this distinctively beautiful Gesha lot to our menu this Fall.

Julio Cesar Madrid is a name you've seen here before - he's the director of the joint farms, Finca La Riveria and Finca Milan, which were first cultivated by Julio's ancestors over forty years ago. Together with his business partner and master processor, Andres Julio Quinceno, Julio Madrid has made it his life's work to produce incredible coffees and practice innovative and exacting processing methods. This Gesha lot, grown at the higher elevations of Finca la Riveria, is a stunning example of those two goals being executed perfectly, together.

Processing: The coffee was picked at peak ripeness and left in wet-cherry for 24-36 hours before being placed in water to ferment for an additional 24 hours, after which time it was dried in the sun for 30 days.

In the cup: The resultant cup of coffee is a successful and delicious experiment in what we like to call, "light-handed fermentation." Although the flavor profile of this coffee was certainly impacted by its processing, that impact is more of a whisper than a shout, especially for a natural. Gesha characteristics are allowed to shine in this cup, so florals and citrus abound. This coffee is extremely aromatic - almost perfume-y, which we experience as jasmine and lemon verbena. Like lemon verbena tea, this coffee is both citrusy and herbal, with a finish that reminds us of candied oranges and freeze-dried strawberries. The whole experience is akin to be wrapped up in a big Gesha hug... or like hugging that old friend upon arrival at your favorite café.

Producer | Julio Cesar Madrid

Farm | Finca La Riviera

Process | natural

Variety | Gesha

Elevation | 1600 - 1900 masl

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