Luiz Paulo - Ethiopia Type

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When given the chance to taste varieties especially african varieties cultivated in other regions I always jump on it.  This particular coffee was a surprise to myself and the team here at B&W.  Typically we shy away from coffee from Brazil, but this was is an anaerobic Natural utilizing seeds from Yirgicheffe. Of course it is amazing a a mind bender of a coffee. This coffee packs tons of citrus and vibrant acidity, but is crazy sweet and approachable.  This coffee might just change your mind about Brazil.

I consider this coffee to be a "moderate impact" meaning that the anaerobic processing that it went through is coming alongside the variety characteristics and origin characteristics and adding complexity without being overpowering.

Fazenda Santuario Sul was started with a vision to be more than just a coffee farm that strives for quality. Santuario Sul was established in 2015 with a mission to make quality that redefines the flavors possible from Brazil, and to constantly stay ahead of innovations in the industry.

Now, it is one thing to say you are going to revolutionize something, and another to do it. To make the vision for the farm a reality, owner Luiz Paulo and his partners knew they had to do things different. Like anything, they started with the foundation- the land itself.

Santuario Sul was establish in the higher elevations of Carmo de Minas at around 1,400 m.a.s.l next to some of the most famous estates in the area known for their quality. (Like the famous Fazenda Irmas Periera.). They knew the elevations on the land here would be a key to helping the coffee express the flavors they would be crafting.

In addition to the right terroir, Luiz Pablo and his partners knew that to push flavors in a new direction, they had to have unique coffee varieties that would exhibit exciting flavor profiles. For this they decided to establish some of the farm with traditional varieties like Yellow Bourbon, but also sought out rarer coffee varieties from around the world to plant. As of the 2020 crop, Santuario Sul had over 30 different coffee varieties growing, some of them even under unique condition, like shade coverage, to make sure these unique varieties could thrive.

Producer: Luiz Pablo

Farm: Fazenda Santario Sul 

Variety: Yirgacheffe Types

PROCESS: Anaerobic Natural

ELEVATION: 1,380 - 1430 masl


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