Gogogu - Anaerobic Natural

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There's something really special about the Wate Gogogu washing station. Although coffee has been grown in the Uraga region of Ethiopia for some time, the coffee farms in Wate Gogogu are some of the youngest in all of Ethiopia, with most of their producing trees being a mere 5-10 years old. But here's where the really special part comes in - despite that youth, coffees coming out of Wate Gogogu are consistently some of the most delicious and complex lots at our cupping table. In fact, if the unique name of this washing station sounds familiar to you (try saying it ten times fast!), that's because we have offered several lots from Wate Gogogu before this one. Our relationship with this community is steeped in trust and rooted in their commitment to excellence, both in crop and in processing - and we are so excited to share their latest experiment with you.

Kadir Jabril is the producer credited with understanding the quality potential of the Uraga region and building his washing station in Wate Gogogu a few years ago. From there, he and his brothers, Abdi and Feku, process coffees from his own farm and also source them from small producers in the surrounding Kabele community. This lot is comprised of harvests from 200 smallholders in the area and was processed as an Anaerobic Natural.

Processing: Upon arrival at the washing station, ripe, whole cherries were added to airtight tanks and left to ferment for 48 hours. As many of you know, this is where the magic really happens - that time spent fermenting in the tank, devoid of oxygen, lends itself to producing some of the most exciting flavor profiles we have experienced in coffee. Afterward, the cherries are removed from the tanks and spread thinly across raised beds, where they are left to dry in the sun. This sunbathing step is where those characteristic fruit-forward flavors come out to play, and you're going to get those and a whole lot more when you take your first sip of this truly special coffee.

In the cup: This coffee is different from others in the same profile, and it is an excellent representation of what we like to call "light-handed" processing. Although the steps outlined above certainly have a distinct impact on the resultant flavor profile, they do so without turning the volume up to 11, allowing the coffee itself to shine - and surprise us! What we do expect and DID receive is a lovely white floral character, reminiscent of lillies. The coffee is also distinctly fruited, which we also expected - like fresh apricots. What we DIDN'T expect are the decadent dessert vibes we experienced in this cup! The tactile is heavy, and the sweetness is confectionary in nature - when paired with the fruited profile, we likened it to yogurt raisins. The tasting experiences reminds us, honestly, of Turkish delight - the kind that would've tempted Edmund Prevensie, delightfully sweet and dusted in powdered sugar. 

Washing Station | Wate Gogogu

Farm | 200 smallholders in the Kabele community

Process | anaerobic natural

Variety | regional cultivar 74110

Elevation | 1800 masl

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