Sebastian Gomez - EF2 Natural

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When it comes to exceptional and experimental processing methods, Sebastian Gomez is a pioneer. He has been perfecting these unique methods on his farm in the southern region of Quindio for years, and what he's done with this natural Pink Bourbon lot is truly remarkable.

Processing: You'll notice at the very first sip that this coffee has been heavily influenced by its processing. EF2 is a unique, multi-fermentation processing method first developed by Felipe and Carlos Arcila, and it has been used here by Sebastian to create a punch-y, fermentation-forward coffee. During this process, the coffee cherries initially go through 24 hours of aerobic fermentation before being sealed in airtight bags and undergoing several stages of anaerobic fermentation. Combined, these various fermentation steps result in a coffee full of body, sweetness, and fruit notes.

In the cup: This cup is a boozy, wild ride. Notes of orange liqueur, red sangria, and cocoa nib overwhelm the palate in the best way possible, and - just like each of those things - it has a depth of body and flavor that carries its own weight. The whole tasting experience has us singing Blake Shelton's Sangria as we sip our morning brew, and we don't mind one bit. 

Producer | Sebastian Gomez

Farm | Finca La Divisa

Process | EF2 Natural

Variety | Pink Bourbon

Elevation | 1800 masl


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