Ulises Naira - Anaerobic

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Each year we work with Origin Coffee and Atlantic Specialty to continue to push the boundaries of what it possible with washed coffee from Peru. The last two years we have selected "cherry held" coffees from Peru. These coffees display higher acidity and more vibrant flavors, which Peru isn't exactly known for. 

This year we were sent multiple options and we selected Ulises' Coffee that he produces with his wife Victoria Ramos. This lot stood off the table for us as a vibrant red fruit, clean acidity, and amazing sweetness. This coffee too is "Cherry Held"

Peru has everything that you would want from a coffee producing region.  Tons of elevation, great varieties, and innovative producers, however they never seem to have "stunner" coffees, or at least they never make their way to us. Last year one of these "cherry held" coffees was presented to us, and it was a clear step in the right direction.  

"Cherry Held" works basically like this. The coffees are picked and sorted like normal, but they add another step, a short whole cherry anaerobic pre-fermentation. To do this the coffee is placed in large plastic bags, where they are held in this low oxygen environment for 12-72 hours.  In our cuppings we have tended to prefer 48+ hour times in the bag.  This allows for the bacteria to consume some of the sugar, and trade it for lactic acidity.  This give these coffees a more complex acid profile and modulate the more common dried fruit flavors in to more fresh fruit flavors.

Farm: El Lechero

Region: El Huabo - San Ignacio, Cajamarca

Variety: 80% Caturra 20% Catuai

Process: anaerobic washed

Elevation: 1,875  masl

Note: We roast and ship Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

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