2024 USCC Brewers Cup Prelims Registration

Date | October 6 - 8th 

$30.00 USD


IMPORTANT | When checking out, please use competitor's name for the shipping address field and their contact information. 


6551 Meridien Drive, STE 113, Raleigh, NC 27616

The Raleigh, NC, US Brewer's Cup Prelim will host 16 competitors. The top competitor earn an automatic bid into the US Brewers Cup Qualifying Competition.

At the U.S. Coffee Champs Brewers Cup Prelims: Competitors will have 8 minutes to make 2 individual brewed coffees for 2 sensory judges. A Head Judge oversees all these judges but does not score. Competitors must use the provided compulsory coffee(s). Competitors will choose from 2 or more compulsory coffees in a blind tasting. Wares and equipment are supplied by Prelims Host! Competitors may bring their own wares if they would like. We will have a small variety of manual brewing devices, filter media, and kettles. If competitors would like something specific, they will need to bring their own. 

Brewer's Cup Prelim FAQS

How Many Spots Are Available?

There will be 16 spots available for this year's Brewer's Cup Prelim.

How Many Competitors Move On To The USCC Qualifiers?

The Top 4 Brewer's Cup finalists from our prelims will have a guaranteed spot at this year's USCC Qualifiers. All those who do not make top 4 can still register for the USCC Qualifiers when registration opens.

What Will Be Provided At The Barista Prelims?

We will have the following available for use at the Brewer's Cup Prelims @ Black & White Coffee Roasters |

- Hot Water Tower

- Fellow Stagg Electric Gooseneck Kettles

- Bentwood Grinder or similar

- Fellow Scales

- Serving Vessels (Brewrista Hex Glass Server and Origami Sensory Cups)

- Origami Brewers (Ceramic and Air)

- Kalita Wave Brewers

- Serving Cups 10 oz from HAAND Ceramics and Created Co.

- Compulsory Coffee

- Water Glasses and Carafes

- Cleaning Supplies

Can I Have a Team Member With Me Backstage?

You may have one person with you back stage to assist.

When Do I Choose My Coffee?

We will have a competitor meeting Friday night, Oct 6 at 5PM to taste and choose your coffees.

Please note that this meeting is required and where you will also be introduced to the machines and equipment of the event.


Preliminary Competition Location

6551 Meridien Dr - Suite 113 Raleigh, NC

Oct 7 - 8                              Schedule TBD