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We took some of our favorite single origin coffees and made them into instant coffee! We put as much care into our instant coffee as we do our roasting and produce everything in house. 

Take our instant and add hot water for instant coffee or even milk for an instant latte.  

This item comes with 6 pouches that make 1 - 8oz cup each


Description of Coffee | 

Teotepec literally means, "hill of God," and they meant that quite sincerely when naming this peak, the highest of its kind in the state of Guerrero. Local stories suggest that Teotepec was once a gathering place for the gods thousands of years ago, a place where they would convene to provide guidance and oversight to local ethnic leaders seeking prosperity for their peoples. 

Today, Teotepec is a wealth of biodiversity, and it still offers the hope of prosperity for the farmers and families who call it home. Thanks in large part to its dense forest and idyllic climate conditions for growing coffee, even smallholders in very remote areas of the mountain are able to produce high-quality lots year after year. However, these families have been heavily affected by low coffee prices in the past, and our friends at Caravela are seeking to change that. Through their new partnership with 112 of these smallholders, all of whom are members of the Association HERBERADA, coffee growers on and around Teotepec are beginning to receive higher premiums for their (perhaps) divinely inspired beans. 

Processing: This lot, composed of micro-lots from 112 small-scale producers, was processed as an anaerobic natural. Cherries are hand-picked at each farm and floated to remove lower density beans. At the mill, the cherries are sealed in plastic tanks without oxygen for 36 hours, after which they are removed to sun-dry on concrete patios and straw mats for 15 days.  

In the cup: As far as anaerobic naturals go, this coffee is about as approachable as they come! It is richly sweet, vibrantly acidic, and notably lacking those more intense fruited notes which we often experience when cupping an anaerobic natural (I mean, we are a pretty big fans of those big fruit flavors around here, but we know they aren't for everyone!). At the cupping table, the sweetness of this coffee reminded us of praline pecans and caramel, with a (more subtle) fruit note reminiscent of dried apricots. 

Producers | 112 smallholders as part of the Association HERBERADA

Process | anaerobic natural

Variety | bourbon, caturra, typica

Elevation | 1500 - 1800 masl

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