Esteban Madrid - Pacas


MEET THE PRODUCER | Esteban Madrid and his son, Franklin, head up the operations at his farm, El Sauce, in a community by the same name in the renown Santa Barbara region of Honduras. For their part, Esteban and his family are considered the pioneers of specialty coffee in this region, and his diverse range of micro-lots have been a fixture at Honduras Cup of Excellence since 2008, when he first took home first place there. 

TRUST THE PROCESS | When it comes to Honduran coffee, it sort of seems like everyone in the industry is no more than six degrees of separation than our friend, Benjamin Paz. There is no exception here! After being hand-picked, sorted, and washed by Esteban and his team at El Sauce, this Pacas lot was sent to Benjamin's mill, San Vincente, for processing and export.

TAKE A SIP | For many, the Pacas variety tends to be "just fine" when grown in most coffee-producing climates. In the unique micro-climate of Santa Barbara, however, the typical Pacas profile transforms into something more akin to a really lovely Kenyan coffee, and there is no better example of that phenomenon than in the coffee we're sharing with you today. It tastes like a spectacular, sweet, juicy Kenyan coffee - all the way down to a distinct black currant note. A rich acidity combines with that aforementioned sweetness to give us candied citrus and dried apricots, while the sweetness rounds out the cup with an additional note of toffee. A subtle spice characteristic is present throughout.


Origin | El Sauce, Santa Barbara, Honduras

Producer | Esteban Madrid

Farm | El Sauce

Process | Washed

Variety |  Pacas

Elevation | 1400 masl