Jairo Arcila - Passion Fruit

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MEET THE PRODUCER | Fans of our wildly popular Honey Cinnamon release last year will be pleased to see Jairo Arcila's name back in the lineup. The Arcila family coffee empire has spanned over 80 years in Colombia, and since 2015 they have focused their efforts on producing, sourcing, and exporting some of the finest specialty coffee in the country. As producers, they specialize in alternative fermentation processes, and Jairo in particular is renown for his interesting and impeccably executed processing experiments. He prides himself on achieving unique flavor profiles that are not common among Colombian coffees, and this passionfruit maceration inoculation lot (say that ten times fast!) is his latest triumph in that endeavor.

TRUST THE PROCESS | The cherries are hand-picked at peak ripeness before settling in to a round of dry anaerobic fermentation for 72 hours. During this time, wine yeast and passionfruit macerate are added to the vessel with the coffee cherries. After the co-fermentation period, the cherries are pulped and spread out to dry on raised beds alongside their macerated passionfruit friends until optimal moisture content is achieved. 

TAKE A SIP | Registering at an 8 on our "funkiness scale," this coffee is a pretty profound example of co-fermentation. As a fruit, passionfruit itself is unique in its high citric acid content, and you're going to experience that acidity in this coffee as citrus zest, passionfruit (duh), and Tang! (for all the millennials out there). These flavors culminate into something bright and tropical and very delicious, reminding us of a familiar glass of Sauvignon Blanc.


Origin | Armenia, Quindio, Colombia

Producer | Jairo Arcila

Farm | Finca Santa Monica

Process | Passionfruit Co-ferment

Variety |  Castillo

Elevation | 1500 masl

Brewing Suggestions For Our Coffee At Home

“How should I brew coffee from Black & White?” We get this question a lot, and we love chatting about how folks can get the most out of the coffees we roast. But, since everybody’s gear setup, water sources, and preferences are different, we haven’t found a great way to post definitive brew guides for specific coffees. 

We do have some tips that have seemed to help most folks, though…

First, our coffees do great with a bit of rest. In our cafes, we’ve discovered that things really start to shine at or after 14 days post roast. You certainly don’t have to wait so long, but you’ll notice the cup’s clarity increase over time. Clean, washed coffees tend to need less rest than funkier coffees that feature higher-impact fermentation methods (like naturals, anaerobic naturals, or co-ferments). 

For espresso, we start all of our coffees at a 1:2 ratio with a brew time around 24 seconds. This recipe usually works great for year round coffees and single origin coffees with lower impact fermentations. Funky coffees often get the longer ratio treatment (sometimes up to 1:3), but your preferences may lead you elsewhere. We celebrate that!

For filter style coffee, we tend to like hotter (at or above 205F), faster (at or under 3 minutes) brews. Our roasting philosophy focuses on maximizing sweetness and solubility in all our coffees, so you’re probably safe applying your favorite recipe. 

If you have more questions, feel free to shoot us a DM or email. We’re always here for curiosity. Oh! And don’t forget–if it tastes good, it is good.

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