Yabitu Koba - Anaerobic Washed

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Get ready for a double feature! This week, we're rolling out two lovely Ethiopian coffees from Negusse Debela and our friends at SNAP Specialty Coffees. Established by our favorite computer-guru-turned-coffee-guy, SNAP has been on a mission to export coffees of the highest quality and processing standards from Negusse's homeland of Ethiopia since 2008. Today, SNAP owns the land on which it can process its own coffee and also runs or partners with several washing and processing stations throughout Ethiopia, including the Wate Gogogu site in Uraga.

There's something really special about the Wate Gogogu washing station. Although coffee has been grown in the Uraga region of Ethiopia for some time, the coffee farms in Gogogu are some of the youngest in all of Ethiopia, with most of their producing trees being a modest 5-10 years old. But, here's where the really special part comes in - despite that youth, coffees coming out of Gogogu are consistently some of the most delicious and complex lots at our cupping table! In fact, if the unique name of this washing station sounds familiar to you (try saying it ten times fast!), that's because we have offered several lots from Wate Gogogu before this one. Our relationship with this community is steeped in trust and rooted in their commitment to excellence, both in crop and in processing, and we are particularly thankful to our friends at SNAP for making the introduction.

Processing: Wate Gogogu purchases from hundreds of farmers in the surrounding villages, but this particular lot was sourced specifically from those smallholders in the Yabitu Koba village of Uraga. The cherries, which were handpicked at peak ripeness, underwent anaerobic fermentation in GrainPro bags for three days and before being floated, depulped, and separated. They then spent 10-14 days sunbathing in the African sun on raised beds, until optimal moisture content was achieved. 

In the cup: We might be sitting at the tail-end of winter, but this coffee has dreaming of summer days ahead. It's pretty fruited for a washed coffee, very clean, and remarkably fresh. When hot, the cup is juicy and sweet, reminding us of nectarines and melon sorbet. As it cools, the coffee becomes more vibrant and acidic, with additional notes of lemon and black tea. The whole experience reminds us of sipping a fruity sweet tea (but not the powdered kind!) on a hot summer day.

Producer | SNAP Specialty Coffees

Washing Station | Wate Gogogu

Process | Anaerobic Washed

Variety | Indigenous Landraces

Elevation | 2160 - 2320 masl

Brewing Suggestions For Our Coffee At Home

“How should I brew coffee from Black & White?” We get this question a lot, and we love chatting about how folks can get the most out of the coffees we roast. But, since everybody’s gear setup, water sources, and preferences are different, we haven’t found a great way to post definitive brew guides for specific coffees. 

We do have some tips that have seemed to help most folks, though…

First, our coffees do great with a bit of rest. In our cafes, we’ve discovered that things really start to shine at or after 14 days post roast. You certainly don’t have to wait so long, but you’ll notice the cup’s clarity increase over time. Clean, washed coffees tend to need less rest than funkier coffees that feature higher-impact fermentation methods (like naturals, anaerobic naturals, or co-ferments). 

For espresso, we start all of our coffees at a 1:2 ratio with a brew time around 24 seconds. This recipe usually works great for year round coffees and single origin coffees with lower impact fermentations. Funky coffees often get the longer ratio treatment (sometimes up to 1:3), but your preferences may lead you elsewhere. We celebrate that!

For filter style coffee, we tend to like hotter (at or above 205F), faster (at or under 3 minutes) brews. Our roasting philosophy focuses on maximizing sweetness and solubility in all our coffees, so you’re probably safe applying your favorite recipe. 

If you have more questions, feel free to shoot us a DM or email. We’re always here for curiosity. Oh! And don’t forget–if it tastes good, it is good.

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