Julio Madrid - Peach Colada

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MEET THE PRODUCER | Julio Cesar Madrid is a name you've seen here before - he's the director of the joint farms, Finca La Riveria and Finca Milan, which were first cultivated by Julio's ancestors over forty years ago. Together with his business partner and master processor, Andres Julio Quinceno, Julio Madrid has made it his life's work to produce incredible coffees and practice innovative and exacting processing methods. 

TRUST THE PROCESS | This coffee is a blend of two Gesha lots processed in uniquely different ways. The first lot, which was co-fermented with peaches, uses traditional honey processing techniques. The second combines a combination of co-fermentation (with coconut distillate) and thermal shock (using nitrogen) to achieve a boozy-adjacent tropical diddy, and we just couldn't resist blending the two melodies together. 

TAKE A SIP | The result is a super sweet peach bomb! It reminds us of peach cobbler and coconut cream, combining to give us something like a peach colada - which to be honest, we've never tasted... but it sounds like something we'd love to be sipping on a faraway beach right about now. Various melon flavors can also be perceived as you sip, as well as a surprising red fruit note that reminds us of cherries - perhaps the same cherry you'd expect to find garnishing your peach colada, in fact.


Origin | La Estrella, Risaralda, Colombia

Producer | Julio Madrid

Farm | Finca La Riviera

Process | Co-ferment

Variety | Gesha

Elevation | 1750 masl