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The Sugarcane Decaffeination process is a natural process that not only maintains the integrity of the coffee flavor while allowing for greater transparency and efficiency. These coffees are grown, processed, dried, and decaffeinated all within a relatively small area within the producing country. This keeps transportation and taxation costs lower as the coffee does't have to move in and out of multiple countries. EA Decaffeination is the lowest-impact decaffeination process we've found, and we believe this lot in particular is an exceptional example of what is possible with this style of processing. 

Processing: The process which has made this possible is called Ethel Acetate Decaffeination. It's a fascinating and confusing science experiment, but at a very basic level: a sugar alcohol biproduct is used as a solvent to help dissolve the caffeine out of the coffee. Until now, we've really only seen this done successfully at a few processing plants in Colombia. When we heard about a plant in Germany that is experimenting with EA Decaffeination, we worked with our good friends at Atlantic Specialty to collaborate with them on this lot from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. In fact, as far as we know, this is the only EA decaf Ethiopian coffee available in the US right now!

For the last 2 years, we have worked with our exporting partners to source year-round amazing Sugarcane Process decaffeinated coffees. We are proud of the quality of decaf coffees, the cup speaks for itself.

Origin | Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Producer | Mijane Worassa

Process | Sugar Cane/ EA Natural

Elevation | 1900 - 2200 masl

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