Anthony Ragler

Role at B&W
Regional Developer

Brooklyn, New York

What drew you to Barista?

When I first made the decision that specialty coffee was going to be my career path, I figured I would end up opening a cafe. At that time, it was the only coffee career path that I could think of. My exposure to the coffee supply chain was limited to the realm of the cafe storefront. It wasn't until I was introduced to coffee companies that had their own roasteries, that I realized there was a whole ecosystem outside of the cafe setting. As I developed my career in specialty coffee, the competition setting seemed like the perfect place to learn from experts in the field and develop my knowledge further

Tell us a little about your coffee

Abu Coffee Geisha Double Phase Anaerobic Natural

Origin: Boquete, Panama
Farm: Abu Coffee
Producer: Jose Luttrell
Process: Double Phase Anaerobic Natural

The cherries are hand-collected at the optimum maturation point, then hand-selected and floated with mountain spring water. The whole cherries are fermented for 24 hours in open tanks. Once this first stage is finished, the cherries go through a second phase of anaerobic dry process for 96 hours. After the fermentation is completed, the cherries are transferred manually to the African raised beds to the final sun-dried stage for 25 days.

Why this coffee?
This coffee represents a combination of past experiences I’ve had in the coffee industry–from 2016, when I was a wide eyed barista and Panamanian Geshas were the big thing in coffee, to 2018, when I first ventured into competition coffees and anaerobics were the big new thing.

What story are you telling?

This routine is a celebration of the coffee community and industry at its purest. It represent my journey in the industry, and more specifically in the competition scene. It represents my hope to leave coffee competitions in a better place than when I first entered.

How do you feel about competition this year?

This year, I've really been coming to grips with the reality of this being my final year in coffee competitions. I'm really excited to see more truth and lived experiences being presented on the competition stage. When I present my routine, I try and present beyond the room of coffee professionals. I present to the people I grew up with, to the grandmothers that still enjoy their cup of taster's choice, to the people that see specialty coffee in a much different light. I'm also excited to watch other competitors that are pushing the boundary in competition from what it once was to now.

What is your signature beverage?

A celebratory toast inspired drink:
- Espresso
- Bourbon smoked sugar simple syrup 
- Double fermented white grape juice 
- Hyper chilled
- Topped with a splash of water