2023 Holyn Handley Tour Series Vulture - Discraft

$25.00 USD

Color w/Stamp

THE FLIGHT NUMBERS | 10 | 5 | 0 | 2

THE PLASTIC | ESP - 2023 Tour Series

OUR THOUGHTS | The Vulture is a controllable driver. Not much else needs to be said. In a sport where equipment development has produced 14 speed drivers, many professionals have returned to the control drivers in the 10-12 speed range. The Vulture fits nicely into this category. 

Kyle loves Vultures of all types for all shots. It has a straight flight with a dependable finish. It can be thrown both backhand and forehand. The Vulture's glide allows for a surprising amount of distance out of a relatively stable disc. This mold is not the best suited for beginners.

FROM THE MANUFACTURER | "The Vulture is predictable in wind and a great long range placement driver."

"This over stable fairway driver provides superior control regardless of the condition."

"The Vulture is a fairway driver that is great for straight to stable throws."