Alonso Gallego Natural - August Coffee of the Month

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We work heavily in Colombia, as most of you know, and we have been looking for a traditional variety natural that we really love for a while. We have cupped probably 30 examples and they either didn't quite hit the mark, or they were just too expensive for the quality. Colombia has become the most progressive and experimental coffee producing country in the world, and we knew that with this commitment to quality and innovation we would find some eventually.

Laderas del Tapias (LDT) sent us samples last year of exactly what we were looking for, small farm, natural coffees, from both traditional and cutting edge varieties, but the quality just wasn't quite where we wanted, but this year they came through with some really beautiful coffees.

bright, juicy, and sweet Alonso's natural Castillo is special, and we are crazy excited to bring it to you this year.  Big red fruits, really dominate the cup, with a ton of that super sweet Colombia presence which we feel is like a caramel/chocolate.  I can't wait to see what the quality possibilities are for Colombia, but we know that the future is bright.

Farm: La Betulia

Producer: Alonso Gallego

Process: Natural

Varieties: Red & Yellow Castillo

Elevation: 1550 - 1730 masl

Note: We roast and ship on Tuesdays and Fridays