Aponte Honey

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Honey processed coffees have a sweet spot here at Black & White and this year's selection of honey processed coffees from Colombia are no different. Notes of apple, honey, nectarine, and citrus are balanced with an amazing sweetness.

Honey Process is almost an "in-between" process when compared to Washed and Natural Process coffee, and depending on the specifics of the processing these coffees can taste for like one or the other. This is how the timeline goes.

Coffees are picked and sorted as red cherries, before being pulped (removing the skin of the coffee cherry). Under that skin is a small layer of fruit, which is left on the large seed that is in the middle.  This seed with its sticky fruit is set out to dry either on raised beds or on patios.  

This added contact with the fruit tends to add intense sweetness to the coffee, but if done poorly can dull the coffee's flavor immensely.  Honey Coffees are quite rare in Colombia and really only appear regularly in and around the Aponte Community in Narino.  They are useful in that they require much less water to produce, but do have some risks as well. Needless to say, this group has it down to a science.

We would classify this as a low processing impact as these coffees taste very similar to their washed counterparts. They are super sweet with tons of dried fruit, and dark sugar notes, which makes them a fan favorite all around the specialty community for the last 4-5 years.

We are excited to see it back and to showcase the work of this community to give you an approachable peak at this relatively rare processing method.


Variety: mixed

Process: Honey processed

Elevation: 2100 masl

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