Sweethearts Variety Pack - Instant Coffee

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It's no secret that we love the month of February. So we put a little extra surprise into our instant coffee. The "Sweet-Instant" Box features 6 of our current coffees as instant coffee, as well as a custom Valentine from Instant Dan. We put as much care into our instant coffee as we do our roasting and produce everything in house. 

Take our instant and add hot water for instant coffee or even milk for an instant latte.  

This item comes with 6 pouches that make 1 - 8oz cup each

Description of Coffee | 

This special is a variety pack of 6 of our current single origin coffees | 

Danche Anaerobic Honey | "Brew Me" 
Vibrant and complex, this coffee manages to showcase flavors influenced by its processing while maintaining an overall profile that is crisp and clean. Big fruits headline the show, but not the wild red ones you might be accustomed to experiencing in anaerobic coffees. Here, it's crisp pear and tinned peaches. With a florality reminiscent of honeysuckle and a drinking experience akin to sipping black tea with lemon, this coffee gives away its Ethiopian origins at the very first sip. 

Muthathai | "Ur Grind Is Fine"
Kenyan coffee can be a bit... polarizing. With flavor profiles that have a propensity toward the savory (think: tomatoes, herbs), Kenyan coffees are often intensely acidic and very lightly roasted, leaving us with a cup of coffee that sort of shouts at us while we're trying to wake up in the morning. This coffee, however, is none of those things. Instead, it reminds us of a really lovely Ethiopian coffee profile. Pleasantly acidic and markedly sweet, we experience those attributes as candied lemon. At the top, it's floral - like hibiscus - with stone fruit flavors, like apricot. The finish is sweet and rich and slow, reminding us of a molasses cookie.

Carlos Plazas Cinnamon Anaerobic | "Spoon Me" 
The result is reminiscent of a pop-up holiday bake shop, complete with apple pies, cinnamon doughnuts, maple candy, and a myriad of other treats sprinkled with brown sugar. It's sweet, spiced, and well-suited for sharing with friends and family this holiday season.

Thunguri Natural | "Hot Stuff" 
This coffee features some quintessential Kenyan flavors, like black currant and baking spices, but the impact of its processing brings several novel flavor notes to the front: vibrant acidity, like meyer lemon and grapefruit; tropical fruits, like lychee and mango and papaya, and stone fruit, like red plum. The fruit and acidity are both BIG, but the overall impression is not funky or wild. Remarkably clean given its fermentation, this cup makes us really excited and hopeful for the future of coffee processing advancements in Kenya!

Gamatui Washed | "Spro, Bro?"
It's a super sweet, easy-going coffee, with notes of baked apple, candied orange, and milk chocolate. It does have a lovely malic acid profile, but certainly nothing overpowering. With subtle fruit vibes and a sweetness reminiscent of maple syrup, this coffee is an easy drinker and one of our favorites from the Sipi Falls Community.

Eduardo Rojos Pink Bourbon | "Fell 4 U In An Instant"
This is a pretty "big" cup of coffee, with many of the flavors being driven by the kind of natural fermentation the coffee underwent. Mixed berry compote stands out as the big fruit flavor here, with a nice citrus backbone (like blood orange) to keep things balanced. With a big, round body and a sweetness like milk chocolate, this coffee is just the sort of cup you might think of when you think of an excellent anaerobic natural.