Diego Campos

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If you've been around here for any length of time, you know we love to celebrate the spirit of competition. Our company was built on that very foundation, and we continue to invest a great deal of our time, energy, and resources into both national and international barista competitors. Enter: Diego Campos. Diego gives us A LOT to celebrate! He was the 2021 World Barista Champion, and he is also a renown coffee producer at his family's farm in La Plata. "Barista champion" and "coffee farmer" don't often end up on the same e-mail signature; in fact, Diego is the first Colombian to win the World Barista Championship - and only the second to make semi-finals - in its twenty-one year history.

We don't want to brag or anything, but we knew Diego before he added "world barista champion" to his LinkedIn profile. He and one of our owners, Kyle, first met when they both competed in WBC in Seoul in 2017, and Kyle even had the opportunity to visit Diego's father-in-law's farm, Finca Tamina, back in 2019.  

Diego's careful attention to the craft of specialty coffee production is one we have showcased many times here at Black & White, and we are so excited to bring this washed lot back to our menu for the second year in a row. This coffee isn't wild or funky or boozy or infused; it's just a super-sweet, super lovely example of a very well processed washed coffee from Colombia.

In the cup: With notes of sweet citrus, plums, and brown sugar, this coffee is very approachable and perfectly "coffee-flavored" - and you'd be hard-pressed to find a coffee drinker who won't delight in its familiarity and extreme sip-ability.

Producer | Diego Campos, Familia Campos Roa

Farm | Finca Tamina

Process | washed

Variety | various

Elevation | 1950 masl