Paige Pierce Passion - Discraft

$22.00 USD
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THE FLIGHT NUMBERS | 8 | 5 | -1 | 1


OUR THOUGHTS | The Passion is an underrated fairway driver. It has a very controllable flight and touts an abundance of glide which gives it a unique potential for accurate distance.

Kyle and Keaton are fond of calling the Passion a "Super Buzzz." Like the Buzzz, the Passion will hold any line and angle it is thrown on. Also, it can surprisingly handle forehand torque for those touchy wooded lines. Put simple, it goes straight and long–the object of envy beset every golfer...ever. Because of this, it is a great disc for all experience levels. 

FROM THE MANUFACTURER | "The Passion is a fairway driver with a straight flight with great glide. The Passion is a unique disc and feels like a Stalker mixed with a Cyclone. The Passion is great for wooded throws that call for less skip and more precision on the landing."