Eduardo Campos - Anaerobic

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Cordillera del Fuego Farm which translates to Mountain of Fire, produces some amazing anaerobic "cinnamon" coffees. We are so happy to purchase coffee for the 3rd consecutive year from. Luis Eduardo Campos, who we know as Eduardo Campos

Eduardo is an independent Costa Rican coffee farmer, constantly looking for innovative ways to improve coffee production. This coffee, in particular, was processed with Anaerobic fermentation. You may have heard about such process from the 2018-2020 World Barista Championship where the top contenders used coffees that were produced using this method. Even a few competitors using coffees from neighboring farms to Eduardos.  

The Anaerobic process owes its ideas from the wine industry's use of yeasts and bacteria to produce champagnes and other wines. During the fermentation process, the coffee sits in an oxygen-free steel container with water. This builds up lactic and malic acids which add to the coffee's complexity and flavor. Once ready the coffee is 100% sun-dried. We love bringing in coffees that highlight new innovations in coffee production. 

FARM:  Cordillera del Fuego 

Producer: Luis Eduardo Campos

Variety: Caturra

PROCESS: Anaerobic Washed

ELEVATION: 1,750 masl

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