El Paraiso - Lemon Lime

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We have been friends with the team at Augie's Coffee for quite a while, and have tasted their coffee at barista competitions a number of times. Last year in Kansas City, Blaire (from Augie's) handed us a cup that we could hardly describe. We were shocked by the complexity and amazing fruited character present in the coffee. Later that day, in chats with Austin (US Barista Competitor) and Tim (Augie's Roasters), we agreed to take a few bags from their lot of the Anaerobic (Red Plum) - from Finca EL Paraiso. This is the coffee that Austin used to take 7th place at last years United States Barista Championship.

El Paraiso Farm is located in the municipality of Piendamó, with a mild-humid climate at 1,930 meters above sea level, focused on specialty coffees. 

Mr Diego Bermudez, owner of Finca El Paraiso, founded, with his family, the company INDESTEC focused on manufacturing an innovative technology for coffee
drying named ECO-Enigma. This machine allows them to fully control the
drying process which is critical in their production of specialty coffee with
standardized times and temperature. With his company, Mr Diego and his
family are building an inclusive social program, allowing their neighbors to
process their coffee with the infrastructure and know how of controlled
fermentation process. This will help their neighbors receive better prices for their coffee.

This coffee is a precisely controlled Anaerobic Process with every variable documented and rigorously maintained. It goes through 28 hours cool whole cherry anaerobic fermentation, before pulping and another 80 anaerobic fermentation in mucilage producing a distinct and interesting cup. We are excited to see what else comes out of this Santuario Project. 

Farm: Finca El Paraiso

Variety: Castillo 

Process: Anaerobic Washed

Altitude: 1930 masl


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