El Vergel - CM Yellow Gesha

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For brothers Shady and Elias Bayter, farming and family have always gone hand in hand. They grew up watching and learning from their parents, who first grew avocados. In 2012, the brothers turned their eyes to coffee and never looked back. Fast forward to today: Shady and Elias manage a beautiful farm called El Vergel, which sits on the slope of an inactive volcano in the Tolima department of Colombia. It is here, at the highest part of the estate, that you'll find the 500 or so plants that are producing this very special yellow Gesha. 

This varietal is admittedly one of the most demanding to be produced at El Vergel. In addition to only harvesting from those trees that produced the distinctive yellow coffee cherries, this varietal was planted based on the soil and climate conditions specifically to promote an extended growth of the cherries, which then promotes higher brix content. After harvesting, these cherries were processed using an extended anaerobic fermentation method for 52 hours before being slowly and intermittently dried in the sun. In fact, fermentation plays a huge role in every lot coming out of El Vergel - Elias, who is the Director of Processing, is obsessed (in a good way!) with experimenting with fermentation's effects on coffee flavor profiles. As a result, the coffees coming out of El Vergel are well known for having flavor profiles that are really driven by these incredible, and often experimental, fermentation methods. 

That brings us to the cup that you are (hopefully) going to taste with us! This coffee is remarkably fruity, especially for a Gesha. Think: mangoes, black grapes, and citrus. Thanks to that aforementioned concentration on processing, it tastes as though it was grown at a much higher elevation than the relatively low 1460 masl mark where El Vergel resides. When cupping this coffee, we couldn't help but think of orange fruit punch! It is a delightful coffee to enjoy during these warm summer months, and with it we say CHEERS! to the brothers Bayter, for their incessant dedication to excellence throughout each phase of farming, harvesting, and processing. 

Farm | El Vergel

Producers | Elias and Shady Bayter

Variety | Yellow Gesha


Process | Carbonic Maceration

Elevation | 1460 masl

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