El Vergel - Guava Banana

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For brothers Shady and Elias Bayter, farming and family have always gone hand in hand. They grew up watching and learning from their parents, who first grew avocados. In 2012, the brothers turned their eyes to coffee and never looked back. Fast forward to today: Shady and Elias manage a beautiful farm called El Vergel, which sits on the slope of an inactive volcano in the Tolima department of Colombia.

If the Bayter brothers or their farm sound familiar to you, that's likely because they've been taking up a lot of real estate on our menu! Earlier this summer, we released a lovely Yellow Gesha lot from El Vergel, and the red-label Guava Banana we are sharing with you today is a fresh lot from the same farm, and it's been on our menu before. If you missed it last time, we highly recommend you get your hands on a bag this time around - it is an excellent introduction to anaerobically processed coffee for those who have never tried one, and anyone who typically enjoys our red-label coffees will surely find that this one does not disappoint.

Fermentation plays a big role in every lot coming out of El Vergel, and this anaerobically processed Caturra lot is no exception. Elias, who is the Director of Processing, is obsessed (in a good way!) with experimenting with fermentation's effects on coffee flavor profiles. As a result, the coffees coming out of El Vergel are well known for having flavor profiles that are really driven by these incredible, and often experimental, fermentation methods.

That brings us to the coffee itself: this anaerobically processed Caturra lot fits our red label profile so perfectly! It has huge red fruit characteristics, reminding us of red Jolly Ranchers. It's bright and vibrant; you'll also taste oranges alongside those big red fruits (did someone say sangria??). It all comes together with a smoothness reminiscent of craft milk chocolate. This coffee is, in summary, a banger - and with it we say CHEERS! to the brothers Bayter, whose names we look forward to seeing on our menu more and more.

Producers | Shady & Elias Bayter

Farm |  El Vergel

Variety | Caturra

Process |  Anaerobic Natural

Elevation | 1350 masl

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