El Vergel Guava Banana - Instant Coffee

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We took some of our favorite single origin coffees and made them into instant coffee! We put as much care into our instant coffee as we do our roasting and produce everything in house. 

Take our instant and add hot water for instant coffee or even milk for an instant latte.  

This item comes with 6 pouches that make 1 - 8oz cup each

Description of Coffee | 

We are bringing back another red label coffee from the lovely producers at El Vergel! If you are a fan of our red label coffees, this one will be right up your alley. And, if you are looking to try an anaerobic coffee for the first time, this coffee serves as an excellent introduction.

Marta and her two sons, Elias and Shady, seek to create and share technologies that will help improve the quality of life for the families working at El Vergel. Growing and processing exceptional and experimental coffees is an integral part of that vision. This release from the El Vergel team is the Caturra variety lot, grown closest to the mill where the majority of the processing happens. 

This Anaerobic Natural Caturra from El Vergel fits our red label so perfectly. This coffee has huge fruit characteristics and intense sweetness - think of homemade peach jam on your morning toast. These fruity, sweet flavors have a great deal of depth to them, which made us think of our favorite red sangria recipe. It all comes together with a smoothness reminiscent of taking a big bite of craft milk chocolate. 

Farm |  "El Vergel" from the Nuestra Familia

Variety | Caturra

Process |  Anaerobic Natural

Elevation | 1350 masl

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